Recorded stories that last centuries.

The digital era has made it possible to collect and share stories from around the world like never before. But, the ability to share these stories does not guarantee they will be available to future generations.

Audio that travels long periods of time

As time goes by and servers and online platforms change, much of the content we enjoy is in danger of being erased or lost. Stories Worth Telling Forever is a podcast and resource that aims to do more than just share amazing stories – our goal is to preserve them and to help you do the same.

Forever Stories

Connecting audio
through generations.

Where and how is this being stored permanently?

All recordings are stored on Akord, a service that provides permanent, decentralized storage through private or public digital vaults. Learn more about Akord here.

Akord is built on Arweave – a blockchain that allows you to store digital files for centuries, only paying once for its storage. Want to dig deeper into the tech? Learn more about Arweave here.

Meet your digital historian and host.


Digital historian and
host of the podcast.

Ty is the host of the "Stories Worth Telling Forever" podcast and is an avid photographer, digital historian, and writer.

The vision of the podcast
"Having traveled to many places, I've learned that what matters most is "people, not places" meeting people and hearing their stories is what has made my adventures worthwhile. My goal when hosting this podcast is to give listeners a similar experience while also shining a light on the importance of preserving these cultural artifacts before they disappear."
~ Ty
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